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Hello, in this web site I am going to move my original and old website, hopefully I am going to rearrange it a little bit. Below you can find the list of the parts that I migrated for the moment.
Further down you can find a copy of my old index, which I am going to change and fix step by step.
Ascii Art - My seminars - "The Troiai Porkemon: silly pokemons"
In the meanwhile, you can enjoy our family travels web site maintained by my wyfe Valentina

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....when I go to Mississippy....
....when I go to Missilila...
....when I go to Mississippy....
....when I go to Missilila...

Versione italiana .oOOo.oOOo. My Menú.

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This page is not under construction and neither copied from Jackd's (also called Daniele Canteri) page. That's what i can offer you:

New: My Changing Portrait.

Some useful my opinion..maybe..some times.....
FriendsHome Pages. Something about Me. The Test of Bloated persons.
Have a look at our Student's SoleLuna Home Page at our university server.

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And all the other Awards(Aaaarrgh! That's a scary page) I have won since I began keeping these pages.

And also a lot of Awards that I have never won, and that I am never going to win and so on and blah blah..blah..bla.... (Obviously this link brings you to a page not maintained by me).