Something about me (last updated August 2007)

Well how you might have guessed from my url I am a student at Mathemathics University of Pisa(Italy), well if you are interested on the subject(maths) then don't hope to find anything about it on thes e pages, I am sorry but i prefer to forget what i am studying when i have some free time, and the net for me is fun and a nice way to comunicate, so i keep it far from mathemathics. ...mmmm... well to be sincere i have never been good in talking about me, so i will talk about a couple of things i like to do:

Ah! I was forgetting the most important thing: I love Arts, and I love painting, here i will show you some paintings of mines, i took pictures of them and then scanned them, so the quality of these images won't be very good, but better then nothing:

some of My paintings...they are all old ones, new ones may come in the future
SoleLunaSoleluna, Michele Cerulli (Watercolor pencils & ink, 76x54 cm). MaschereMaschere (or see here), Michele Cerulli (Watercolor pencils & ink, 76x54 cm). Il SoleIl Sole, Michele Cerulli (Watercolor pencils & ink, 76x54 cm).
FacesFaces, Michele Cerulli (Watercolor pencils & ink).
Il voloIl volo, Michele Cerulli (Watercolor pencils & ink). ApparenzaApparenza, Michele Cerulli (Watercolor pencils & ink).

But... I also like dinamic art, so I enjoy making idiotic animations with the computer .... please consider I can use only programs available in my university, ie GifMerge, XV (good to change colors) and Xpaint (similar to Paint Brush, which are not exactly the best tools available in the world, anyway they are good enough for me. By the way, below you can see some animations of mines, you can view other animations of mines(again!! what a writer I am!) clicking here.

Bally Esagono ...dunno...
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Thimo Click Sun
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